Week No. 22 of 30  31/10/2017         League Average: 146            

  Match Points Total Points Points Round 4 Total Pinfall      
 Team StandingsWonLostWonWeek 4ScratchHSGHSSTeam
1 The Trios7 95213020956615731
2 Kyle Needs Us! 790143287565017822
3 Bowling Buddies3489202824155615363
4 2 Peter's & Me257992446347012377
5 Two and a half bowlers2572162682650113556
6 Jeanie's Men4369112510249513884
7 M S N526252442153714238
8 Nick's Dragons5258162461152614525

Round Winners 1st 2nd 3rd
Round  129Kyle Needs Us!282 Peter's & Me28M S N
Round  228The Trios25Two and a half bowlers24Jeanie's Men
Round  329Kyle Needs Us!29Bowling Buddies24The Trios
Round  421The Trios20Bowling Buddies16Two and a half bowlers

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game650Kyle Needs Us!537M S N  559Kyle Needs Us!522The Trios
W/HCP685Bowling Buddies663Two and a half bowlers  623Nick's Dragons618The Trios
Series1573The Trios1388Jeanie's Men  1633Kyle Needs Us!1545The Trios
W/HCP1905Nick's Dragons17972 Peter's & Me  1833The Trios1762Kyle Needs Us!
Game210Teresa Hassan195Irene Thomas  193Irene Thomas159Kellie Wheeler
W/HCP253Maria Potts233Shalyn Smith  233Irene Thomas214Kellie Wheeler
Series525Dale Townsend450Kellie Wheeler  519Irene Thomas439Kellie Wheeler
W/HCP659Vicki Howe    639Irene Thomas604Kellie Wheeler
Game278Daniel Whiting236Arthur Pertzel223Arthur Kell226Kyle Townsend195Ken Davies
W/HCP280Kyle Townsend264Ken Davies251Darren Wilson235Grant Hoekstra232Kyle Townsend
Series734Sam Cooley587Nathan Potts583Allan Menzies643Kyle Townsend561Daniel Whiting
W/HCP711Peter Robinson670Greg Khan656Wayne Horton661Kyle Townsend641Grant Hoekstra

 Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
1 The Trios
010 Wally Menzies6610567160212521
011 Irene Thomas669940150195519
013 Allan Menzies579702170214583
2 Kyle Needs Us!
017 Dale Townsend578754153205525
021 Kyle Townsend6011612193276709
027 Daniel Whiting6012049200278715
3 Bowling Buddies
004 Ken Davies6310224162233544
005 Wayne Horton668981136182488
015 Arthur Pertzel426536155236558
028 Greg Khan162500156214550
4 Jeanie's Men
001 Arthur Kell639911157223567
003 Brian North637337116162403
029 Robert Wilden577854137188494
5 Nick's Dragons
006 Vicki Howe638411133177494
007 Grant Hoekstra638818139191494
016 Nicholas Paez517382144195512
  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
6 Two and a half bowlers
030 Darren Wilson669137138202497
031 Ashley Wheeler669106137186470
038 Kellie Wheeler658583132182450
7 2 Peter's & Me
032 Teresa Hassan608205136210490
036 Peter Robinson638496134190540
037 Peter Hartas63598494146349
8 M S N
033 Maria Potts639098144203502
034 Nathan Potts6610832164224587
035 Shalyn Smith394991127176444
008 Sue Logan  157  
009 Helen Hayes  142  
014 Fabricio Delgado  227  
020 Matthew Hayward  186  
025 Justin Townsend  177  
039 Sam Cooley61383230257734
040 Michael Hassan121778148187483
041 Kane Hunt329397105293

Star Bowler for Game
Irene Thomas44 pins over average with 193 game
Grant Hoekstra48 pins over average with 186 game
This Weeks Wooden Spoon Award
Teresa Hassan32 below average
Brian North41 below average

7/11/2017 6:30 PM3*14*28*67*5
14/11/2017 6:30 PM6*23*74*58*1