Week No. 13 of 30  12/04/2018         League Average: 130            

  Match Points Total Points Points Round 3 Total Pinfall      
 Team StandingsWonLostWonWeek 3ScratchHSGHSSTeam
1 The Battlers256391189245212196
2 Team Old School255591446047912491
3 The Straight Shooters5250191661150614165
4 Team Underworld524310711239111204
5 S.O.A252971334047912602

Round Winners 1st 2nd 3rd
Round  129The Battlers22Team Old School15S.O.A
Round  225The Battlers24Team Old School18Team Underworld
Round  319The Straight Shooters10Team Underworld9Team Old School

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game506The Straight Shooters479Team Old School479S.O.A474The Straight Shooters424S.O.A
W/HCP657S.O.A653Team Old School649The Straight Shooters615The Straight Shooters603S.O.A
Series1416The Straight Shooters1260S.O.A1249Team Old School1351The Straight Shooters1115S.O.A
W/HCP1845The Straight Shooters1794S.O.A1791Team Old School1774The Straight Shooters1652S.O.A
Game209Chantelle Clare149Anne Wilcox Croker  149Anne Wilcox Croker146Charmaine Raymonde
W/HCP246Chantelle Clare225Anne Wilcox Croker  225Anne Wilcox Croker220Charmaine Raymonde
Series496Chantelle Clare347Anne Wilcox Croker  408Chantelle Clare365Charmaine Raymonde
W/HCP611Chantelle Clare584Anne Wilcox Croker  587Charmaine Raymonde555Anne Wilcox Croker
Game218Bradley Clare213Kyle Ellis188Paul Sparks213Kyle Ellis175Bradley Clare
W/HCP260Bradley Clare254Andy Roberts253Dylan Wales250Kyle Ellis215Mark Julian
Series559Kyle Ellis522Bradley Clare497Paul Sparks529Kyle Ellis441Bradley Clare
W/HCP685Kyle Ellis648Bradley Clare639Brad Strudwick640Kyle Ellis587Mark Julian

  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
1 Team Old School
013 Andy Roberts394831123186431
014 Anne Wilcox Croker394128105149347
016 Chantelle Clare365501152209496
2 S.O.A
001 Bradley Clare395987153218522
009 Charmaine Raymonde303275109146365
011 Bill Dyson364078113169394
4 Team Underworld
002 Becky Astill121218101133338
006 Brad Strudwick394971127182459
  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
5 The Straight Shooters
017 Kyle Ellis396062155213559
018 Mark Julian394731121164417
019 Paul Sparks395818149188497
6 The Battlers
003 Dylan Wales394540116185406
005 Tristraum Astill212580122170420
010 Robert Wilden364772132169447
007 Chris Evans  155  
008 Steven Evans  149  
012 Pete Syer  117  
015 Emily Syer  93  

Star Bowler for Game
Anne Wilcox Croker44 pins over average with 149 game
Kyle Ellis60 pins over average with 213 game
Star Bowler for Series
Charmaine Raymonde44 pins over average with 365 series
Kyle Ellis70 pins over average with 529 series
This Weeks Wooden Spoon Award
Chantelle Clare21 below average
Bradley Clare51 below average

19/04/2018 6:40 PM1*45*36*2
26/04/2018 6:40 PM3*62*45*1